Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Characterd (C27) A Double Edge Sword?

Chartered's chart was beautiful. Just cut across and upward against the 15EMA. Also confirmed by the recent gap up. All other indicators were super. A good scenerio to buy in. USA side was up last night too. But beware of the result/report soon; which is expected to be not a good figure!

Monday, April 17, 2006

SunEast - The Cream that Swells Your Wealth

SunEast, today broke out decisively. OBV indicated very high buying power. The Stochastic was beautiful at the level which most retail investors would like to have a go at it: Not overbrought and tilting up. The volume was another added clue for huge interest in the stock. It is realistic to anticipate the breaking of the previous IPO high of .53 soon. After which sky is the limit.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chartered (C27) Updated

Chartered (C27) now displayed an ugly chart; such that a slight bad news would be an impetus to send it southward. We can see the candlestick pattern is forming a 3 crows pattern so frigtening in nature. ADX 5 days said that trend is going downward and the CCI 14 days confirmed overbrought situation. Although the price did not cut its 15D EMA and the OBV uptrend is still intact, these are not convincing enough to provide clues to sustain the near term upward. With bad result expected on the 21st April, I would guess that probability of $1.48 support cannot hold long is high!

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